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" Because heaven is everywhere with you."
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Now Iā€™m missing this place. I had sooo much fun there. *^*

My parents won’t allow me to any rides that moves fast but this one time, I rode the Wave-swinger at Navy Pier. It was the best ride I’ve ever had. šŸ˜„šŸ‘
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Kuya Philip emoting. lol

Souvenir mugs at Chicago’s tallest building.

Tree somewhere near the Baha’i Temple.

It looks like the Hanging Tree in Hunger Games to me. :)

Somewhere in Washington DC.

Since we don’t have something beautiful like that here…

Northern Illinois University at DeKalb

I like how the buildings look like castles. They’re very pretty. :)

This is the hotel where we stayed at when we were in NIU. Forgot the name but this place is amazing. I missed staying there.Ā