OMG so I just got 300 followers and I didn’t even notice!!! Asdfghjkl you guyyyys~ ♥w♥ thank you for following me. I never thought people would actually notice my IG account because it’s pretty much just like every one else’s~ :3 { #SeoulSurvivers #YgfamilyTeam #kpop #jaypark #asdfghjkl #followers #follow }

So guess who’s very very very very busy this week? ugh. School requirements are piling up because final exam week is coming. I gotta get high grades this sem so please don’t unfollow me because I won’t be able to post as much or maybe I won’t even be able to until summer vacation… which will be 2weeks later.. TT^TT But I will really try to post any and check around stuff so… okay I gotta start now.. My head is spinning. Ugh.
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and I’m like.. “whaaaaat..”
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Whenever I find out that many of my followers changed their urls again

Me: Why do you guys always leave me behind?

My followers keep on changing their url so I keep on losing followers.

so I’m like:


Me after arriving home from vacation..

Getting so excited to log in to Tumblr:


Waiting for chrome to load:


Oh my God. This feeling..

And then getting all emotional after not seeing Tumblr for what seemed like eternity:


Oh my dashboard, when did you turn so pretty?


I missed you sooo mu-hu-hu-hu-huch…Y^Y

And then finally seeing that I didn’t lose any follower:


Oh these loyal followers…  I love you guys. ♥


Let me send you my hugs and kisses. :)

Yay! Got my one hundredth follower. Thank youuuu followers! :)

To all of my followers…


Sorry. I’m a hugger. :)

When someone new starts following you….


You’re just like:

But after 5 minutes of trying to figure out who they are, you’re just like:

" I swell up at the image of me erasing the memories. The image that I would get so familiar with."
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