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" Because heaven is everywhere with you."
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This fan art gives me chills and so much feels~~ Beautiful! *O*


let me sob 

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I’m just fucking happy

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I wanted to concentrate and appreciate the beauty of the picture but Seulong Oppah’s abs are dominating my sight. *____*

Does he really need to be shirtless? 

I don’t think JunSu oppah is supposed to smile or show any happy expression in this photo shoot. hahaha. 

BigBang and Mom

Mom: oh my god honey why are you crying? What’s wrong?
Me: I was watching the BigBang concert video and…. *sobs more*
Mom: oh my god was there an accident? Did someone die?
Me: …they were so adorable that I couldn’t stop myself from crying..
Me: *sobbing*
Mom: *leaves

Kiko and Jiyong Oppah

"Last summer, YG Entertainment denied rumors that G-Dragon was dating Mizuhara, but admitted that the two are good friends.  Nonetheless, netizens were quick to point out that G-Dragon had once pointed to Mizuhara’s image in a magazine as being appealing to him, and many photos of the two sporting a similar-looking ring with a wide band have been posted on various websites.

 We’ll sit on the fence when it comes to this topic: We personally have no objections to G-Dragon dating someone he truly likes, but we will also admit that netizens are sometimes quick to jump to conclusions!  Prefer not to think about it?  Here’s a cute photo from his recent CF to distract you.  Who better to endorse GMarket than G-Dragon?!?”


It’s not a new news but I’m still umm.. jealous? Ehh but its fine as long as Oppah truly likes her and he doesn’t get hurt. *^*

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