1. How the whole family comes to wake me up early in the morning:

    • Mom: Wake up now honey.. It's already 5 am.. ( kisses my cheek, then leaves)
    • Dad: Wake up now my baby.. You have a full day ahead. ( Wraps the blanket around me properly, then leaves)
    • Sister1: (Gently pats my shoulder) Bunso, Wake up now or you'll get scolded.. (then leaves)
    • Sister2: Why is it so hard to wake you up, you pretty little sleepyhead? (Kisses and lightly pinches my cheek, then leaves)
    • Sister3: We have a lot of work to do so wake up nowwwww. Woah you really have good sleeping habit. I envy you (then leaves)
    • Sister4: (pulls blanket and hits me hard) STOP ACTING AND WAKE UP NOW YOU ATTENTION-SEEKING LITTLE BITCH! (hits me again before leaving)
    • Brother1: ...... (tugs blanket a bit then leaves after a short while)
    • Brother2: .... (lies beside me and lightly shakes my shoulder with one hand) Wake up....
    • Me: love you guys.. *goes back to sleep